What our schools say

"This is a fantastic way of reading our newsletter. Enjoyed a cup of coffee without pages falling out all over the place." -

"At Thornlie Christian College we love the great time and money features that Schoolzine offers us, which we estimate saves us tens of thousands of dollars each year. From day one we have been able to tailor our Schoolzine eNewsletter – no request has been too crazy or outlandish. The access to support is unlimited; we can call Schoolzine at any time for advice and assistance.

Personally the online chat feature is my preferred method of communicating with the team. All in all we are very happy with this product. With a database growing daily, Schoolzine is our most effective communication tool with parents yet. I have done my research and Schoolzine is the Rolls Royce of newsletter services." -

"My school newsletter is a key strategy in my goal of creating a positive community partnership. Schoolzine has enabled my school to replace the cost of producing paper-based newsletters, an enormous saving." -

"Schoolzine are a great team to work with! They are always happy to help and respond quickly to questions to make the production of our College newsletter and email campaigns fast and trouble free. The design service and regular upgrade of features guarantee that our newsletter and newsflashes look great and are a professional means of communication with our parents and students. Of the many newsletter features the photo galleries are hugely popular as are the videos of school events, which we are now able to include. Another popular addition has been the “live” calendar, which enables the College to update changes to events as they happen. Thanks to everyone at Schoolzine for helping to make our newsletter one our College can be proud of." -

What our Parents say

"Well done! What a fantastic way to preserve the environment! And we are very impressed with the college embracing recent technologies to communicate with parents. This is far more effective than the crumpled newsletter I received via my son!" -

"Hooray... school news online!!! Well done. I really like the idea that friends and family can subscribe too as part of our family (dad) is working overseas and many families like ours are in a Fly in Fly out work situation. Perhaps some of your wonderful computer students can have some input to take a bit of the time consuming work from the staff." -

"Being able to read my son’s newsletter on my phone is great and the fact the picture galleries and videos work is amazing. I can’t wait for the next edition." -

What our Organisations say

"I have been blown away by what Schoolzine has accomplished so far and I look forward to seeing stronger parent teacher communication in Australian schools." -

"One of our goals at the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) is to communicate better with our teachers, other stakeholders and the wider public. Our eNewsletters are designed, formatted and distributed by Schoolzine for 100,000 registered teachers.
Schoolzine’s efficient delivery through their contemporary mediums helps keep us relevant. I commend the Schoolzine team on their willingness and ability to help us communicate in a more effective and engaging way." -

"Schoolzine has made the publishing of a first class newsletter easy. Customer service is paramount; staff are friendly and helpful and any issues are sorted out quickly. Workflow is excellent and this helps me to meet my deadlines.
The whole Schoolzine experience has been positive and our members praise the quality and presentation of the newsletter. I have no hesitation recommending Schoolzine and encourage school leaders to contact them and see how easy it is." -

What our Supporters say

"Thank you for your support of the RSPCA. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated." -

"Top Shots Fun Park is an amusement park located on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. We ran an advertisement across selected Sunshine Coast schools with a special offer for students and parents. After working with Schoolzine's talented Sales and Design team, we had a huge response. We received a great number of direct enquiries from the ad, from both new and old customers reconnecting. Money well spent!" -

"Always Interactive has been advertising with Schoolzine now since 2009. Being able to target the parents of small to medium businesses within a 20 km radius has greatly benefitted our brand. Being an online medium makes it a cost effective and highly measurable form of marketing and we would recommend this avenue to anyone looking for alternative to print media. The Schoolzine team also set a benchmark for great customer service." -

"Schoolzine really helped us directly connect with teachers, parents and grandparents who are part of local schooling communities. These are a really important markets for us at The Events Centre and the team at Schoolzine made this relationship stronger. The system is self-manageable and so easy to use. I have no hesitation on recommending Schoolzine to any business." -

"Since opening our front doors last year, we now have close to 150 members who make up the parents, teachers and students of the local schools, which is a clear indication that Schoolzine is a fantastic method of local advertising to target and further develop future business opportunities." -

"Our business targets home based business owners and before we used Schoolzine we were ringing each individual school asking to place advertising in each of their newsletters. This was so time consuming that we stopped using it as part of our promotions. As a result we struggled to find participants on the Sunshine Coast who were interested in attending our Social media workshops. We decided to talk with Schoolzine and Phil helped us to work out the right content and graphics to capture our target audience. We ran one series of advertising and achieved our highest number of attendees to a single workshop." -

"Schoolzine's response to my initial enquiry was professional, informative and followed up by the same person throughout my entire business with Schoolzine. I felt I had individual attention and Dion was always available and happy to help when I had any questions. The advertising system is easy to use and effective and I have no hesitation in recommending Schoolzine to any business looking for advertising solutions that reach out to parents." -

"The whole team at Schoolzine were very helpful when it came time to decide if I wanted to have an advertisement in Varsity College's School eNewsletter. They also always kept me in mind when new spots became available with other Schools. They are prompt with their communication and always look out for my best interests. I believe it is a great way of advertising and have no problems with recommending it to friends and colleagues." -

"I know as a busy mum a digital newsletter that you can read on your mobile phone is a much better solution, and I love the fact that Schoolzine are philanthropic in their approach and that schools can use its introduction as a fundraising mechanism." -