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Over 25,000 School eNewsletters Built by Schoolzine


Aug 2015

Mark Paddenburg, CEO of the Innovation Centre and Phil Reardon, CEO and founder of Schoolzine Click here to download image


One of the fastest growing eNewsletter platforms used by hundreds of schools across Australia and New Zealand, Schoolzine, is celebrating their milestone achievements at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast on Monday 31 August.

The Schoolzine Celebration invites past, present and future schools, the business community and general public to join the Innovation Centre in recognising Schoolzine’s achievements.

“Their impressive achievements include expansion into New Zealand, signed global partnerships, a record-breaking 25,000 eNewsletters built to date and now employing over 30 staff. Very impressive for a local startup business,” said Mark Paddenburg, CEO of the Innovation Centre.

“I believe the Innovation Centre’s collaborative ecosystem and mentoring assistance helped us establish and grow our business model effectively from the beginning,” said Schoolzine’s CEO and founder, Phil Reardon.

To cater for their next phase of growth, Schoolzine will relocate their HQ next to the new Sunshine Coast Smart City. With strong foundations at the Innovation Centre’s entrepreneurial hub, Schoolzine was established in 2007 as a solution to real problems parents were facing with accessing their children’s school communications.

Mr Reardon was at his son’s football game when another father, who happened to be a school principal, expressed his frustration in communicating with his school’s community.

From a parents’ perspective Mr Reardon confesses, “As a dad, I felt out of the loop with my child’s education and school because I wasn’t receiving direct communication and when I did get my hands on the newsletter, I wasn’t engaged at all.” Mr Reardon felt like he had a solution to a problem he understood first-hand and saw this as a unique business opportunity.

He invited local principals and pitched Schoolzine to transform their communications – 80 percent of them immediately signed up. Mr Reardon, who had another business at the time, dropped it to focus 100% of his efforts on this project.

Since then, Schoolzine has gained momentum with a goal to become one of the largest digital school service providers in the world. As they are expanding, they are always looking at ways to share ideas and look for opportunities to grow globally so they can provide an alternative pathway for today’s youth and tomorrow’s generations.

To join Schoolzine in celebrating their milestone achievements, please click on the link to RSVP:


Contact: For more information to arrange interviews or photos, contact Craig Josic (CJ) Chief Digital Officer of Schoolzine on +61 433 991 718, +61 7 5414 2357 or

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